Chicago Michigan wine tours.

Small 14 passenger party bus for Michigan

With the approaching of the summer season and the vineyards in southwest Michigan ripe and ready no better time than the book you’re one in a half hour journey out to the Napa Valley east of the Mississippi. We offer eight hour package where you can hit up at least 5 to 8 vineyards depending on how slow or fast you drink. With some of the best reason to use in the city of Chicago and our service and quality of our vehicles the wine tors is our featured service. The wineries don’t like group bigger than 15 people keep that in mind there’s only a couple places to eat round barn and Jamison‘s whiskey distillery.We have many sample tours on our website from real people doing the same thing that you want to do or give us a call and we can run you down our idea of what you should do how you should do it but of course he ultimately get to pick your own tour however you like 708-272-7188

  1. Things to remember when going to Michigan for a wine tour
  2. Make sure the limo company has been there before and the driver that they’re going to send is the Milyer with the southwest Michigan area.
  3. The wineries don’t like groups bigger than 14 people if they see a big party bus pull up most of them are going to come down and kick The bus out in your group.
  4. Arrive early this summer is it’s peak season and everybody likes to arrive late so if you’re leaving Chicago do not leave Chicago any later than 930 that will get you in Michigan around 12:15 PM
  5. There’s very few places to eat on your wine tour most of the wineries don’t have food make sure you book your lunch reservation or you’re going to be starving.
  6. Keep in mind the wineries close around 5 PM on Saturday during the summer so make sure you plan your route accordingly.
  7. Want to save some money on your tastings bring back wine glasses from your previous years though either give you free tastings are 50% off.
  8. Try to sneak out to contest in Michigan it’s just about 30 minutes north or 15 minutes north of the south west Michigan Wayne chain they have a truffle factory to die for.
  9. Stay away from the stores that sell seats to go on the Michigan wine tors their pet they’re combining them with brewery tours and it kind of ruins the whole experience. Nothing worse than a bunch of people smell like stale beer when you’re trying to sip on the red good stuff.
  10. Make sure you go with a company that has people talking about service that they had with them in Michigan there’s drivers out there and then there’s performers.
  11. When the sunsets take a run up to new Buffalo to the harbor and Lake Michigan they usually have fireworks and some other cool early evening activities it’s only about 15 minutes north of the main winery Road
  12. Top Chicago Wine Party Bus Provider

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