Black hawks home game party bus

Had. Great group for a black hawks home game in our new party bus 5 star limos Plainfield

Party Bus Rentals Chicago

We go back and before I know it we’re tearing each other’s clothes off and she goes down on my like it’s her job. Her friends must have suspected something was up because as we were finishing they knocked on the door and wanted to know if their friend was okay. We cleaned up hastily and she jumped off the bus and I went out the driver’s side and played it off like nothing happened so she could save face / plausible deniabily. Everyone goes back inside and it wsn’t that long after she and I slipped out the back and went at it again in the alley. We went back in, bar closes down, and we start to head back. It was as this point the chick I hooked up with makes a phone call at 2 in the morning and starts talking to someone who I later found out was a brand new fiancee I didn’t know about. WTF?! When I got home I on her facebook, posted no more than about 45 minutes after we’d hooked up:

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