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3/15/2015 Worst experience with an unprofessional company. They were supposed to pick us up and take us to

our concert then pick us up at the concert and bring is back home. They were 40 minutes late in picking us up and then went to the wrong location. We in turn were late to the concert. Then after the concert they were 45 minutes late.

Late in picking us up both ways and then going to the wrong location adding to our late arrival, is unacceptable. They might be cheap, but you get what you pay for. Never again with this so called company.


I was looking for a limo service to use for myself, and some college friends to attend a show at Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City Indiana, we just needed a pick-up, and drop off after the show. My mom actually found this company in an effort to help us find a reasonable priced limo service. She spoke with “Daniel” who did nothing but make false promises.

Daniel originally told my mom he had a limo for us and provided my mom with a VERY reasonable price, and even told her the driver would not only pick us up and drop us off at the casino, but he’d stay as long as we needed, AND make individual stops on the way home if anybody needed it as long as it wasn’t terribly far out of the way. It almost seemed to good to be true.

We ended up booking the limo with high hopes! A few days before we needed the limo we called to confirm with Daniel and asked if we could have our driver’s number to speak to him regarding dropping people off after the show since this was promised to us. Daniel’s story QUICKLY changed, he stated that they don’t do drop off’s without a $50 dollar fee. We were shocked by this considering he specifically said they would do this, he was the one who brought it up! We were VERY upset after he dropped that bomb on us since this was promised to us with NO FEE.

The day before the even the actual limo driver called and seemed disgruntled about the contract between him and Daniel. As he began confirming times with me he stated that we had a pick up time of 8:30 PM, I stopped him and explained that is not the time I agreed on. He then explained to me that is the time Daniel put down on the contract and if we wanted more time it would be $50.00/hr extra. I was

extremely upset at this point. He then said he’d make me a deal by only charging $25 extra to stay, which I agreed to, even though NONE of this was my fault.

On the day of the event, the driver did arrive about 20 minutes early which was nice, and he did wait about 20 minutes after the original time we planned to leave due to one of our group members being late. That is about the only positive aspect of this experience.

Once inside the limo, it seemed as if we were being scolded as he told us everything we were NOT allowed to do, as if we were children. We were also told we could not use any of the actual glasses provided in the limo because he had an event the next day and did not

want to clean them so we were given plastic cups to use.

While on the way there we asked to use the radio, and noticed a usb plug in for a phone/radio connection, so as we went to connect that we were immediately scolded and told not to touch the cord because it doesn’t work due to somebody else breaking it.

The driver did ask a few times if the temperature and lighting were okay which I appreciated considering the way we were being treated.

Once we were dropped off at our location, we had to let ourselves out of the door and we began to walk in, but before we could get too far, the driver GRABBED me firmly by my arm and said “If you want to deal we agreed upon, you better be out here BY 10 pm, nothing after” I could not believe this man had the audacity to actually grab my arm and tell me that!

Not long after we were inside waiting for the show to start the driver called to tell me that he was parked across the street in another parking lot, and informed me that we may need to walk across the street to the limo in order to be picked up because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to pull up to the door of the casino to pick us up. I informed him that we would call him at 9:50 pm and work it out.

We called him upon leaving and let him know we were at the door,and we saw cars and other limos dropping/picking people up so it shouldn’t be a problem for him. He didn’t seem to like this and said he’d attempt to pick us up. LUCKILY he actually went ahead and did it. I still can’t understand why it was an issue to begin with.



11/4/2015 Party Bus Reviews

All in all we had an AWFUL experience with this company! We even put a call in for Daniel the day after our event and expressed how disappointed we were. He said he would speak with the driver and get right back to us.. He NEVER called back.. What a surprise!

If you’re looking for an extremely UNPROFESSIONAL and SHADY limo company, Limos Alive is the company for you!

6/12/2014 I normally don’t do review but this company has problems. They don’t return calls. They lie about their services and are not reliable.

I called a week prior to my wedding verify that the wedding bus I paid for was on the schedule since it was a Monday wedding. Spoke to the owner and he guarantees all is good. On Monday,our wedding morning, I called again at 1030am to make sure the pickup was still at 1230pm and received no reply until 1235 pm when I was told that the bus was supposedly stopped by a train and should be there by 115pm. I then got a call the bus then broke a water hose a block from the pickup location and they are going to be there at 145pm. Two of my guests went over to where the bus was supposed to be and it wasn’t there. It finally showed up at 150pm and my guests were 30 minutes late. But safe. The owner has yet to call me back to explain or apologize. Don’t use this company!

Please Use Five West limousine instead they are much more professional than the other company. They were on sites 1 hour before we had to leave at all locations were out going and excellent vehicles!

10/7/2013Typical bait and switch service. They promise you the nicest party bus and then send you the old one

with no AC, broken bathroom and broken transmission. When they don’t get you to the destination the way they promise they still will not consider taking any loss….you have to cover all of their expenses even if they do not cover yours. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!

Here’s our replacement that he wants us to pay $900 for after we paid the

5/5/2014 DO NOT — USE THIS SERVICE! This company is a nightmare to deal with. They outsourced the work

through fivewestchauffer.com/Chi… Affiliate Car Service/Pink Limousine. When we called to complain about the lack of service, dirty bus, late bus, M.I.A. bus, and customer service that curses at you as they try to figure out what’s going on in their own company, the buck was passed to an endless array of contacts of their affiliates. No resolution was made. No refund was offered.

We canceled our payment through visa and will be reporting Limos Alive as well as their three-ring circus of affiliates to the Better Business Bureau of Chicago.

10/20/2013 Caveat Emptor (Let the buyer beware). Limos Alive say they have the best price around town. Well, I

say you get what you pay for. This was supposed to be the highlight of my twin daughters Sweet 16 party on October 19 and unfortunately, it was not. I blame myself since there were so many mistakes made in the beginning that I should have went elsewhere. Unfortunately, I did not want to lose the deposit. In my initial conversation, Allen; company representative and I believe part owner mentioned the wrong date. Although I corrected him, the confirmation received still indicated the wrong date. Spoke with Allen and he blamed it on the girls in the office. Really? Date was finally corrected and I received an upgrade on the bus. To my surprise, I received a call on October 12, confirming pick up. Really confused since we cleared this up in an email. October 12 is the wrong date! The office even sent out a new itinerary, correcting the date, apologizing about the mistake. Spoke with Allen and he says that they are using a outdated system and their systems do not sync. What? And although Limos Alive upgraded the bus, they went back on their promise since the date was wrong. Whose fault is that? In fact, I was sarcastically reminded by Allen that I only paid for a 15 passenger van. Very disenchanted by this company’s customer service practice, I just voiced my unhappiness and got off the phone.

I can’t tell you how many emails sent and calls made that went unanswered. After the initial mistake, I just wanted confirmation that we were confirmed for October 19. I spoke with Allen and he asked that I send him an email requesting an updated itinerary. No longer surprised, I never received it. Very leery about the services, I contacted Allen once again to confirm pick up on the day of service and was assured by Allen that the driver; Adam would call prior to the pickup time of 7:00 PM. He also confirmed that he was able to upgrade the bus (woo hoo). Things are looking better! Well, that was short lived – after many attempts to reach the driver, they went unanswered. Finally, finally at 7:04 PM, the driver responded that he was a few minutes away. I reminded him that my pickup was scheduled for 7:00 PM. He states that the contract says 7:15. What contract? Arrrggghhh! No problem. I was just happy that he was on his way. Wait, Wait, Wait! Surprise! 30 minutes later, I received a call that he was lost. After giving the driver direction, he arrived to the hotel 42 minutes late to pick my 16 year old girls and their friends up. Are these buses not equipped with a GPS system? What if we had a scheduled appointment? Finally, we get on the bus and to my surprise again, their laid before me, a huge basket full of alcohol.

Are you serious! Now this might have been great if I wasn’t celebrating my twin girls Sweet 16 party. After reminding the driver, he removes the basket of alcohol and put it in his seat. As the bus is loading, I turn around to ask the driver a question and to my surprise



11/4/2015 Party Bus Reviews

again, there he sits with a bottle of alcohol in his hand. Unbelievable! There is more but I don’t want to belabor this point, the story is already long. We arrive to our destination and on the return trip; I was informed that the music went out. Basically, the girls had no music on the entire way back except for 5 minutes. Is this a party bus? I spoke with the driver and he says “your kids broke the sound system and you’re liable”. Really? How did they break it? “I don’t know, they just did.” I asked, “How old is the system?” The driver; Adam responds, “1 month”. Are you kidding? If the system is one month old, then it is still under warranty. He still insists that I am liable but cannot explain what the kids did wrong. You allow your customers to control the system and then you attempt to make them liable. The only thing they can do is connect their devices to the system. How did they break it? He says,” maybe it was too loud”.

Really? It is a party bus. If that is the case, the driver has the control to turn the system off. I’m done with this company. They are very unprofessional and are looking for ways to make additional money. Very shady!

8/19/2014COMPLETLY DISSATISFIED from a bride, groom and entire wedding party. We were nervous to begin

with booking a limo bus because we hear frequent negative remarks, and well they are all true. Booking the limo was of course the easy part- they are nice and cordial- well because they are getting money and your business. As we neared our wedding date, I am the one calling to confirm everything and to make sure pick up time, location etc is on track. I call first and spoke with Limos Alive and he said yes and then goes to make some joking comment. Well a day before the wedding a girl calls saying she has two times and two different addresses and I need to call to confirm ?? I am thinking I thought I just did that. This is besides the point. The dissatisfied part comes on the DAY of the wedding.

The below are the disasters/issues/lack of what was promised happened. Keep in mind the driver was nice but the performance and what was expected was definitely not there:

1. limo picked us up in a town 30 minutes from their corporate- well according to driver the radio was NOT working due to no reception??Hmm- we aren’t in the country. Then he asked well do you guys have music??? He is asking the bride and bridesmaids if we have music bc the radio is broken??? Ya sure let me go grab my wireless speaker and phone, my own personal ones, so you can play it- um wth did I pay hundreds of dollars for??

2. there was little to no ice- after the mass we are going to the reception and the groomsman actually had to ask the driver to stop and get ice at a gas station, which cut into our time

3. there was no red carpet- which was told me to a day prior bc someone from a previous wedding vomited or spilled on it- how is this my problem!!!! She offered a second case of beer, fine, but we did not get our 2nd case

4. The driver took us on a long round about way- from church to reception shld take 25-30 minutes- it took us over an hour to get there!!!! cutting into our time

5. seeing that there are 10 plus people on the bus you should drive slow and be cautious while breaking-well that was not the case- my husband, two bridesmaids fell flat on there face, could of hurt themselves, I flew to the side spilling beer on my wedding dress, many others spilled on themselves and we still had pictures to take and everyone else flew to the side. this happened not only once, but TWICE!

6. since the radio wasn’t working, one of the groomsman tried plugging in their phone for music- it worked but the jack was like half broken and taped and they spent several minutes trying to stabilize the wire

7. in the midst of all this, I the bride and groom, who should be enjoying, our wedding and the ride, am emailing Limos Alive about the many issues while on the way to the reception- RIDICULOUS I understand things aren’t perfect, 1-2 things fine, but several things went wrong.

To top all of this off I emailed Limos Alive 3-4 times about this and no response. This is VERY unprofessional and I feel we should be reimbursed some portion of our payment. This is not a cheap thing to do and we expect, as customers to have top notch service. I am leaving this negative review because of these issues and the lack to respond back to us and the lack of professionalism. I DO NOT recommend this company at all!

Limos Alive has to be the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. I booked them for my wedding 7 months in advance. I signed a contract for 1.5 hours of service at a rate of $450. Their only responsibility was to take us around downtown Chicago so we could get some outdoor/city scape photos. Timing was crucial, as we only had 1.5 hours between our ceremony and reception. We paid for an extra 30 minutes of cocktail hour so that we would have extra limo time to account for Chicago traffic.

I received a call from a girl in their office 2 days before the wedding, confirming the time and pickup. They were to arrive at the hotel at 6:45pm, and return us no later than 8:15pm. I asked her if it was possible to move the pickup time up to 6:30pm, and she said that was not a problem, because all their drivers are to arrive 15 minutes early to account for any possible delays. I said great, we will then have the bus back to the hotel no later than 8:00pm, so we stick to our 1.5 hour rental agreement. On the wedding day, I get a call from Limos Alive at 6:45pm (THE TIME WE ARE ALREADY SUPPOSED TO BE ON THE BUS), telling me that the Limo broke down, but not to worry, they are upgrading us to a bigger bus. The new bus would be there at 7:45 pm. We explained to the dispatcher that was unacceptable, and his response was “let me tell you about the day I’ve had”. Really?! It’s our WEDDING DAY!! We have already paid for cocktail hour to be extended by 30 minutes (at $700 cost by the way) we cannot afford to extend it another hour to accommodate the late bus. We told him explicitly, do not bother sending someone else, your services are no longer required. We ended up WALKING down Michigan Ave, (on a holiday weekend I might add) in order to get any pictures. Not how I envisioned my big day, at all.

Fast forward 2 days later, Limos Alive had the audacity to charge my credit card the remaining $200 balance for their “services”. As I was about to board a plane for my honeymoon, I called Limos Alive to dispute the charge, but got no answer. This not answering the phone trend continued over the next month. I have probably called their office in excess of 100 times with no answer, and no return



11/4/2015 Party Bus Reviews

phone call to the voice mails I left. I also sent two emails to the address listed on the website, which were not answered. On June 9th, my call was finally answered by a “Tommy” who said they were so busy with prom season they couldn’t answer the phone for the previous 3 weeks—are you kidding me? He told me he would get in contact with is boss “Randy” and get me a prompt refund, to be issued on June 10th. “Randy” did return my call later that day, and offered more excuses as to why it was taking so long, saying their office girl quit, they were short staffed, yada yada yada, but he did tell me he would refund the entire $450, and help me out with the $700 cost for the cocktail hour.

June 17th, 5 business days later, my refund was still not showing on my credit card. I started calling the office again. It took me 2 days, but I finally found Allen’s personal cell phone number in a previous email, and got him to pick up the phone. He again offered various excuses, siting his office girl was involved in a serious car accident, and that he wasn’t sure how to issue refunds. He promised to get it taken care of and would call me back once it was completed.

June 23rd, still no refund issued. I called Allen on his cell. He answered, said he was on his way to the office, and refund would be done today.

As of June 24th there was no refund issued. Allen refused to answer the phone – so I texted him. He wouldn’t call me back, but texted me a reply, saying it would be done at 10am, and if I didn’t hear from him by 11am to give him a call. I called him promptly at 11am with no answer, and again at 530pm with no answer. At 5:46 Allen texted me, said he was meeting with the “owner” of the company at 8pm, and would call me after their meeting. Of course, Allen never called, and he did not answer our calls between 9-930pm on that day.

This company is a complete joke, and have terrible customer service. They will give you the run around and play games, and I sincerely hope that you do not book them for any kind of special occasion. I will never have my city scape pictures of my down town wedding, and I will never get the time back I have wasted harassing these idiots to do the right thing…

5/17/2014READ THE FINE PRINT! This company can basically not show up at all on the day you book them and the only thing they will offer you is another bus for another time. The owner, Allen K, is a liar. He says he guarantees that he will not overbook his vehicles or send you the wrong car. Those two things and many more horrible things happened the night of our bachelorette party. An apology was given but no refund or discount was offered. We ended up PAYING $800 FOR ONE HOUR OF SERVICE!

5/5/2014Please read all reviews before using this service……most of the reviews mimic the night we had using them…..from late pick-up, bus failure, terrible customer service and the list goes on. I was appalled by the complete lack of customer service when we called to complain about our ruined evening. Do yourself a favor and find a different limo rental place. You certainly get what you pay for in this instance!!!!

5/5/2014Worst limo company ever…everything was going fine at the start….then we found out after they dropped us at the first bar that another bus was going to pick us up in an hour…fours later and 2 hrs worth of phone calls and we finally got a ride back… $800..When we called to complain and get some money back we got the run around before the owner called and cursed us out….believe the bad reviews here..find a different company

9/24/2013Worst Party Bus EVER!

The drive was late, he was supposed pick us up at 10PM the drive did not show up until 10:45PM and then rush us when taking off. The AUX cord did not work therefore that left us with NO audio. The drive did not know how to help us out with the audio.
The Door was broke and he thought that using a bungee cord was going to fix that problem. WRONG! The Bus did not look anything like the picture. The seats wore torn and ripped with wood underneath the seats. I wouldn’t dare make another reservation with this company EVER AGAIN! I wanted a refund and the guy over the company only refunded me the amount of money that was due when the bus came and picked us up, and I lost the deposit in the end.

Don’t book them because it not even worth the time, money, or trouble. Over all I wouldn’t even give them a Star, it was a BAD experience especially for someones Birthday.

6/13/2013I booked limos alive for my sisters bachelorette party. First I had to call 3xs the week of to change the pick up time, and every time the time was never right. Then my contract stated to pick us up at 1 am from downtown Chicago. I get a text from Allen at midnight stating “great news, you can stay out til 2:30am!” I responded back by saying no thank you, 1 am like my contract says is what I want. He stated there was no way anyone can get us at 1 am and argued with me during my party and told me I can get some money back and can find my own way home! Needless so say, my night was now spent worrying about what to do. Thank goodness for the driver Dan who dropped us off that he heard what was going on and worked later to pick us up only a little late(1:30am). I will never use limos alive again!!

12/29/2012Worst experience ever. If you are considering for booking them for your wedding day…. think again! They were 45 mins late, and worse of all, we had to call the company to find out what the delay way. Turns out their drivers were not

even communicating with the owners. Did not get what we were promised… no beverages, no decorations, and they had to send an alternate bus which still smelled like cigars from the night before. Surely not a 5 star experience.

5/31/2011Well it started out ok. Being that I booked back to back weekends, my fianceĢ had her party first they had a blast 11 girls two poles and a cooler of liqour it was very expensive. Nothing but the best for my baby, at $50 a person there was still $600 not accounted for, so me and her split it, which is ok it had 5 flat screen tvs, good system, all around nice! (but expensive!!!)



11/4/2015 Party Bus Reviews

So next was me, being told it’s a 24 passenger bus I planned my party for 24 people…(big mistake). As soon as I seen the bus for her party I realized that bus only holds 17… (11 girls on that bus and it was comforttable). So I asked about upgrade, he said $300 more! Now were talkin $65 a person, liqour NOT included. I don’t know about you but I’m good on that. So me and 17 friends, at $50 a person plus a trip$ to liqour store, get into limo. My limo had 2x 10″ tvs ( $20 tvs!!) and they didn’t work they were broken. For a $1000 limo that we had for 4 hours, that was very expensive. When I asked about about it I was told I would be compensated, and nothing!

Don’t get me wrong our driver was great Tony did as asked, he was very sincere and had a great sense of humor. But after everything else, I would never use this company again, I wad promised the world and givin nothing but a BIG bill. (after investigating a little a found out that the bus they had sold me on wasn’t even there’s, they had leased it fro
another company! So be careful when booking!!! Expect alot of money for a little time!

9/20/2009WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!the night began with the OWNER telling me that he put suckers in the bus “in case we were rolling later.” excuse me?! what kind of party do you think we were going to have?! and ended with the OWNER physically shoving and screaming explitives at the birthday boy (whom had done nothing, but yelled at his own sister) and threatening to leave us all downtown. and everything in between was equally as appalling. they lied about having an ipod jack, and then they provided crappy music and videos, they overcharged the quoted price for the drink/club speical… they tried to attend a “meeting” 45 minutes away while we were inside the club when they were supposed to be outside circling. so when we needed them they were obviously no where to be found. at one point they were PARTYING inside the CLUB!!! (WHAT?!) the day before the owner was rude, unprofessional and short. (um, you did WANT our business right?) if i were you i would NEVER. i repeat NEVER book this company. limos alive? how about party dead.

8/16/2012I needed a party bus for a bachelorette party- but only to get us from one place to another. Had to go with Limos Alive because no other companies could do a simple dropoff/pickup, they all had three or four hour minimums. Not only was there no communication the day of, so we were waiting around for 15 minutes past the start time, but they had no classes for the champagne we brought, and no poles! Sure, it was a bus full of women, with no males, but we were promised a party bus with two ‘dancing’ poles and the one we got had none. Not the worst limo/party bus experience I’ve had, but certainly not the best.

4/8/2012I went with LimosAlive because the person I had spoken to on the phone agreed to price match what another limo company had offered me. I decided to call back the next day after exploring a couple more options and the person who had agreed to the price match did not remember doing so.

I got them to agree to it again and they sent me a contract, which did not have the agreed upon price. I had them re-send it and after the correct one was signed, I emailed to let them know what the pick up and drop off points were.

The day before the event I got a call that their office did not have my signed contract, even though I had a receipt sent by them for it, and they did not have my pick up and drop off points, even though it was emailed to them.

After everything was sorted, the bus was late to arrive day of and never called me but wound up calling my back up number fifteen minutes later. Then the driver told me that I had to pay the remainder (480) in cash right there, which was never communicated to me. I thought they would charge the card they had on file which was used for the deposit. They were lucky we were going to a pricey event so cash had been collected from everyone, otherwise I would have had to go to a bank to get that much in cash.

The driver then wound up missing our drop off point and we had to pull it up on GPS and direct him to it. Would never use this company again. Sure they price matched, but the discount was not worth it.

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