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Looking to rent a party busin your area? 5tar limo bus rentals would be able to arrange a luxurious Limo Bus Party Bus Rental for your convenience. With a maximum capacity of party bus of 40 passengers, the vehicle will feature luxurious limousine style leather seats and extra wide aisles. Entertainment-wise, the party bus will also be equipped with state of the art sound systems, dancing rooms, By request gaming consoles, karaoke systems complete with pre-loaded songs and many more!


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Well the name says it all, a bus with the limo interior. The interior of the party bus arranged by 5star limo bus rentals is luxuriously furnished to provide for a pampering and unforgettable experience.  The 40 passenger, a Tiffany Coach Build interior design, complete with custom limousine style leather seating. 3 dimensional LED-lit ceilings, and privacy curtains, extra wide aisles for ease of movement, strobe and laser lightings.

Built in restrooms are subject to availability. Party bus with restroom is an available party bus rental option. The party bus also contains two bars, ideal for casual or corporate team building events.

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Welcome to Wine country

Let us be your guide to good times in Pure Michigan

They call Lake Michigan Shore Wine Country the Napa Valley of the Midwest. Like the hills of California, this land is ideal for handcrafting fine wine. Michigan’s charming resort towns and incredible shoreline are like bottles of bubbly waiting to be uncorked

Here is a list of some of the wineries in southwest Michigan, Let the Michigan wine tours Begin!

Look for your weekly pre-arranged trips to Pure Michigan Wine country leaving every week from downtown Chicago.

Wine tours staring at $500.00

Limo & Party Bus Service For Sporting Events

Limousines and party buses are the most fun way for you to enjoy the night out at the game. Tailgating is a big part of the football experience when you go to a game. Bring the party to the parking lot with one of our party bus rentals or Hummer limos! Enjoy a level of comfort and luxury similar to your own club seating. After the game is over you will have a safe and fun ride home in our amazing vehicles.

Celebrate your team’s big win with our party buses after the game! Drive around town and do some bar hopping, pick up your friends, do whatever you like! Our party bus rentals can be stocked with whatever refreshments you need. Certain vehicles do not allow food or drink so please confirm your needs with our sales team before booking. Whether you are planning a night on the town, or celebrating a birthday, we can help!

Cheap Concert Limo Services & Party Buses

If you’re going to a concert or a show you know it can take a long time to park. With a limo rental our drivers can drop you right off in front like a celebrity! When the show is over they will be there to pick you up and take you wherever you want to go.

Whether you feel up to having a night on the town after your show or are wiped out from all the fun you had at the show we are there to go anywhere you desire. Our experienced drivers will do their best to make sure you have a great time.

Rose Kemp
Rose Kemp

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

This was my first time being on a party bus and this wasn't good service at all. The driver Danny was not courteous, was not attentive and didn’t show good customer service. He was so busy being on his phone searching on facebook that he forgot about the job he was being paid to do on 6/30/18. When entering the bus I was expecting him to be at the door greeting every guest that entered, but that didn’t happened. Danny was sitting on the bus on his phone. The bus was nice and spacious for the amount of guest we had but the bus wasn’t clean. It was dust on the floor and seats, there was a empty bottle of champagne, the glasses were dirty and there was a used white towel on the floor. The bus was not prepared for our party at all. Everyone was on the bus and the bride went inside to grab a box but while the bride was walking up towards the bus Danny began to drive off. I yelled telling him to stop that is the bride. He wasn’t paying attention at all. He didn’t even assist with helping her with the big box she had in her hand. One of the bridesmaid ask him about the champagne. Danny offered to go to the liquor store when he pick us up later in which the champagne should have already been there before we arrived. So Danny finally went to the liquor store before dropping us off at our beginning location and what upset me is when he placed the champagne bottle in a paper bag on the floor at the front of the bus. I was looking and saying, “Why he put that there.” We needed cups so he set a stack of “unwrapped” red cups on the floor upside down on the dirty floor in the same spot he placed the champagne bottle. One of the bridesmaid picked it up. We talked amongst ourselves and remained calm. He didn’t drop us off at the front door of the location, we walked from the corner of the location. When he picked us up I had to walk down to the corner to ask him to drive down by the door to pick us up because the bride was bringing back a big box and gifts. On the way back he stopped in the middle of the street and waited a while before turning, two of us up front was wondering what happened, we look to see what was going on but he looking at his phone. Danny was not attentive, he was distracted by his phone, not courteous and the bus was not clean. Overall I was disappointed with the service.

Corinna Griffin
Corinna Griffin

2 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

I am actually taken back by the reviews listed here. I am very confused and conflicted by what everyone is saying about this company and the driver. My guests and I are asking, "Then what happened with us?". We liked the bus and though Danny was on time, from the time of arrival, he was not courteous. When Danny arrived, I (the bride) was walking towards the bus with a huge heavy box...And where was Danny? Seated on the bus. Danny, like all limo or shuttle service drivers I have encountered do, was not standing outside of the entrance of the bus, greeting me and my guests and helping us onto the bus. He saw me struggling with the box. I had on a dress and high heels. Danny did not ask me if I needed help until I stepped up to the landing floor of the bus. I exited the bus after placing the box down so that I can lock my house front door. If Danny was attentive and paying attention, he would have known what was happening. But I guess whatever he was looking at on his phone was more important. Once I locked my door, the bus was starting to pull off. Danny was leaving me! The bride! (breathe)... Alright, after Danny stopped the bus to let me on, with my guests, I got situated and seated. One of my guests asked about the whereabouts of the champagne promised to be provided on the bus. She found it...well the bottle that is. The bottle of champagne was empty. Not only that, the bus was not cleaned, the stocked glasses were dirty. Danny was not prepared for our group at all. Danny offered to stop by a liquor store and to replace the empty bottle of champagne. He did so by purchasing a bottle of Andre for $6.99 😐 ... But this is what blew us... When Danny got back on the bus, he placed the bottle of champagne, in a paper bag, on the floor at the front of the bus as to "Here's your bottle of champagne". Then he also set a stack of red cups on the floor, in the same spot, for us to grab and he set them upside down where the lid touch the floor of the bus. This was symbolic to how he was treating us; like dirt and insignificant. We did not know why this was happening. My guests and I did not have any confrontations with Danny. Danny's behavior was from beginning of our trip to the end. We remained calm and bought our own refreshments and snacks and continue to enjoy our day. Though against my judgment, my twin, my Matron of Honor and the one who coordinated my bachelorette party, still collected a hefty gratuity for Danny, though he did not deserve it. Though Danny was a horrible driver and provided horrible customer service, we still did what we felt was right to do in this situation. See, you never know what people are going through so you have to turn off what you know and see things from a different perspective. However, I believe that regardless of what one is going through, you may not be in the best place or your best self, but on the job, you still have a job to do and you should at least meet the standard. Danny's services, 5 Start Limo Bus services, were below the line Saturday (6/30/2018). I do not recommend this driver for anyone. Also, Danny took a group picture of my party and we have asked him for the picture, multiple times, to no avail. What is going on???

L Brunson
L Brunson

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

Limo Service etiquette below the standard. Highly inattentive. Inconsiderate. Sloppy. Bus dirty. We rented a very nice party bus and he treated us like we were getting a free regular commercial roundtrip shuttle from a hotel to the neighborhood restaurant. Even then, I have received much better customer service and mannerism from drivers. But to know he was also one of the owners - OMG!!! I hope whatever had your head down in your phone the entire trip while shuttling us instead of tending to your customers was well worth it.

Then when he asked to right his wrong, (verbally acknowledging he made a mistake) he failed to commit to an agreement to provide complimentary shuttle service for the scheduled wedding this month. I honestly cannot believe he is one of the owners! Even more surprised of the earlier reviews 😯. All of those great reviews and praises others have given him, one would wonder if they are all legit; because we didn't experience not one ounce of just plain ol' good customer service. The service we received was like looking at a meal on a menu and then when your order gets to you, you're like 😐😕.

I am certain this will not be the last post of the terrible service we got. I guess this company is just another business who oversells themselves by having a great name; and that's how far it goes.

So if you are going to use this company for any group event, please beware, from what I understand from the owner, that there is a selective etiquette they apply based on the type of package you are paying for. I guess a 14 passenger party bus for 5+ hours doesn't cut the mustard.

Floriana Battista
Floriana Battista

5 out of 5 stars

posted 8 months ago

Couldn't have asked for better service.. our driver was awesome.. David truly was amazing. He ensured to make each one of us feel important and made us feel at ease knowing we were in good hands.. Rented a 23 passenger shuttle for a birthday party which David drove us around to varies of haunted houses and at the end of our trip regardless of the time he continued to provide us excellent customer service.. if your looking for a reliable, reasonable and a friendly limo service for your special occasion then this is the one too choose.. will be using them again for my wedding .. Thank you Danny for taking care of us..

Cassie Gaines
Cassie Gaines

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

I used 5 Star Limo for a concert with my friend and everything was amazing. Danny was more than accommodating and made it more fun! Would recommend this company to anyone!!! Great service

Tailgate Notre Dame South Bend

Booking 2018 Season Now

Chicago to Notre Dame Tailgate includes: Chicago to Notre Dame Tailgate

· Your own private 10′ x 10′ tailgating tent. BBQ propane grill, with extra propane tanks,  bbq tools, 6 Foot Table, 8 chairs.

· Stocked bar, 4-12 packs of beer, soda, water, ice, cups and napkins.

· Football, and Bean Bag Game and Ipod Accessible Radio

. TVs with digital tuners to watch the pre-game activities.


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Teen Dances / Prom Limo Rental | Wedding Charters Shuttle Service | Limo Service Chicago | Notre Dame Tailgate | Chicago Party Bus Rental Wedding | Chicago to Michigan Wine Tours | Airport limousine service | Charter Bus Rentals. https://www.facebook.com/chicagopartybus/


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14 Passenger Limo Bus

14 Passenger Limo Bus Limo, Charter Bus, and Party Bus Rental Payments Accepted Are you looking for sedan style airport transportation? WE have you covered. Pricing close to Uber and Lyft. Get a professional driver dressed in suit who gets out and loads your bags. Coffee for the early birds compliments of 5 star Limo Party Bus Rentals 14 passenger party bus rental, near me party bus rental, il cheap party bus



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Notre Dame Tailgate Packages

Tailgate Gear For Notre Dame

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