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Renting a Party Bus from Chicago Bus Rentals gets a great big YES to Will You Go To Prom with me? 
I can hardly remember my senior prom though it feels like it was just yesterday. Bright colors and poofy ball gowns are all the rage, perhaps a bit more revealing then I can remember so something have changed in time. Boys, however, have broken out of their traditional tuxedo mold. Goodbye to merely matching bowties and cummerbunds. Hello to hip-hop-era hats, canes, shiny ties, tails, all-black, all-white and every bright color in between. The biggest differences between then and now? Going to the prom is cool. Renting a party bus makes you and your friends all the rage. Girls are saying Yes to will you go to prom with me on a Chicago Bus Rental. Why is it that stressing about having the perfect date for prom is no longer an issue, it’s because “Prom night is less of a date night than it used to be “It was unheard of to go to the prom without a date in the 1990s.”  It was a tragedy of Brad and Jenny proportions when my boyfriend, Jason, and I broke a week before my senior prom.  Thankfully, I had a best friend Ted, who offered to take me rather than worry about the stress of possibly being rejected when asking for date to senior prom.  If you think this kind of dilemma is silly, by the way, you’ve obviously never experienced life as a teenage girl.